Landon Liboiron during Burning Bodhi filming [x]

Push the Button

Amy Lee

War Story Soundtrack



Amy Lee: Push the Button

Slightly NSFW since it was played during the sex scene, so you’ll hear moaning and stuff.

I wasn’t even sure if it was Amy in the first place since the vocals sounded different (except for some parts), I’m still not even sure it’s her lol. For anyone who’ve been longing for Amy to write a club track, well this is your answer, albeit it’s sort of mellow ;p. I definitely like what I’ve heard so far.

Lockdown is also on there, you get to hear at least 1:40 of it.

You can rent or pre-order the movie on iTunes now (US only). I’ll probably post a review of the movie sometime this week or next week.

Push the Button!! During a sex scene but still …..

I need this in full! I think it will be the best song she has EVER released… just saying… since ‘Evanescence’ sucked.

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Dan Croll out-takes 

By me.

Skin Song

Bat For Lashes



Bat For Lashes - Skin Song

"Cause I have my time,
it dances in the skin when I smile.”



does anyone else download music then look forward to listening to it on the bus the next day

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Craziest Terra Nova-related dream I’ve ever had!

I dreamed about being a part of some sort of contest to know who was the best ‘survivor’ in Terra Nova. That was the craziest dream I have ever had!

Landon Liboiron and Bill Skarsgård in a glam new pic for Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2

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Dan Croll and I.

I’m looking so weird…

"You are home. We all are.”

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'Heavy Rain' by Zulu Winter

Unfortunately this band decided to go on a hiatus and this might be the last album we get — the new one, coming out 21st July.

I am more than happy that they leave us some new material but sad that I probably won’t be able to see them live again. They were a band that I enjoyed extraordinarily well, maybe even more than Snow Patrol. And this is a thing to say from me.

I’m so sad about the split! :( At least we’re getting a EP with home demos and studio recordings. Thanks to Hemlock Grove, I was able to meet this brilliant band. I was watching one of the final episodes and “People That You Must Remember” started playing and took me a minute to find out the song name. All I did was to google “I bleed boils, you smile soft” and somehow it led me to the song.